The most secure and cost effective way to use data, is to ensure you never see it. The value extracted from data today is just the tip of the iceberg. Beyond the cost and risk reduction around cybersecurity and compliance, our privacy preserving protocol unlocks the entire iceberg of potential value, currently submerged by firms inability to use data without seeing it.

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Is there a project you’re thinking of, where holding data or complying with privacy regulations seems too difficult? Focus on building a great product and let us handle the data.


The protocol allows organizations to ensure that the correct product or service was delivered to the correct customer without needing to know or store any sensitive data. Omnia Protocol is an easy integration to ensure secure anonymous data for your next data-related project.

All possible through the magic of zero knowledge cryptography, OMNIA obviates significant data extraction costs through a paradigm shift in the way in how data is accessed by interested parties.

Rather than having data generator hand over their data to be computed over, the interested party gives the data generator a computation to run and receives a proof that the computation was performed correctly.

  • Built-in Compliance
  • Reduce Data Management Costs
  • Privacy Branding Advantage (“Fair-Trade Data”)

What will you use Omnia Protocol for?

We believe that our most valuable asset is going to be those who help us build the OMNIA ecosystem. Our vision is a world where people’s data is no longer exploited. The first step is recognizing¬†that the lack of an accessible privacy solution is holding back immense progress.

In order to build the ecosystem though, we need your help. If you have an innovative idea, where you are dealing with sensitive data, and you are computing on the data, let us know!

Omnia Rewards: A Powerful Example

Currently, in development, the thesis of OMNIA Rewards is simple: increase loyalty by increasing the value offering to customers. The protocol enables firms to increase their value offering by significantly cutting down the traditional costs and risks a firm faces. 

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